Try to import code from github to glitch but error message has shown

I am trying to import code from github to glitch in order to host the website for free online so that I can collaborate with others. But like shown in the

, but there’s an error message every time. I have made the websitepublic, could anyone help me with it?

Hello, the repo has no files in it so Glitch has nothing to import.

You can just create a Glitch Project and remove all the files.

I have too much files to add each one manually and pics are also link to each folder specifically, can’t I upload the folder?

Can you explain more? Can you start a new project, (The express one) go into the terminal, and type in these commands:

rm -rf * && git clone yourreponame

@code-alt, you are entirely missing the point. OP wants to clone a blank project from Github, I explained that to him, there would be little point of cloning in a blank repo.

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:eyes: Didn’t really read that error -

I have done what you said, what is the next step? rm is to delete right? what is it for?
In the folder, there’s js, css, html and many json files that it is too much to upload each file one by one on glitch, (I have linked the folder above). I therefore want to upload the entire folder on glitch. I have intergrated glitch on visual studio code try to go live on glitch as well but it is still not working…

Did you just run rm -rf * on your whole computer?

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How can I recover everything???

It looks like most of your files weren’t deleted due to permissions
If I’m wrong, read this:


For the time being DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR COMPUTER. This is to avoid overwriting lost data.

I think it’s time for there to be an auto-warning every time rm -rf / or rm -rf * or rm -rf ~ is present.




Hopefully you have a backup on ICloud (I’m no MacOS expert, so yeah) that you can use.

rm -rf * IS NOT something to run on your computer, you will delete all the files and remove everything, all your photos and such. This is really bad, do you have some kind of other backup @liuxiaotong1? Hopefully you do. Also if your repo doesn’t actually have anything in it, try importing this url and tell me how it goes:

Also just for the people who are on RPI DO NOT RUN THIS COMMAND. Also any other person shouldn’t run it on their computer, run it on a VM!

Luckily you don’t have root perms so I guess there is some hope. But all your files might be deleted and there’s absolutely no way if you don’t have a backup to recover

Wait actually you have a bit of more hope. Check more of your files.


That’s pretty good. MacOS looking out for the noobs. I guess when you have perms they do tell you something

And if you think, I’m a bit over-reacting, I’m reacting just fine with this command. If you had run this command i'm not gonna share, you would have deleted all of the OS and would have your computer completely unusable.


@code-alt what happened is all of OP’s files in ~ were deleted. macOS blocks access to other accounts by default, along with most other files in the / directory.

So while his computer wasn’t bricked, all of his personal files went poof.

ooh, that’s bad. In regedit (if you share a computer) you could just delete everything

@CarlyRaeJepsenStan it is time we tell the folks at linux that you need to add a warning when you run rm. Imagine if he did it in super user. His computer would definetly be bricked.

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