Glitch to GitHub troubles

Hi! So CS-everything n00b that somehow convinced my boss to let me facilitate our Library’s first Girls Who Code club. The girls have to collab on a “CS Impact Project” during the club sessions and they chose to do a website. The curriculum has the girls do projects in Glitch, so I decided this would be a great place for the girls build their first website on. We spent most of last week talking about “Version Control” and why it matters, especially for teams and I’ve been trying (and failing) to figure out how to connect a Glitch website to a GitHub repo and get them all on working together in an organized way.

I’ve been following the readme step by step in my “test” remix of the Glitch <> Github Sync by @Gareth, but I’ve highlighted here in orangeish where I start experiencing issues and then in red where I’m just completely stuck and don’t really know what I’m looking at.

Am I in just over my head? Better advice? This is honestly my first time using GitHub.

…pleeeease? :sweat::grimacing:

Hello @AmandaAtMain,

I think that the piece you’re missing is that you’ve to use the Glitch Console, that you can open in Project Menu -> Advanced Options -> Open Console. Try running the commands in the steps you highlighted from there :slight_smile: In particular, youc an create the post-commit hook using nano.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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I actually was using Glitch console up until the red part, so I’ll try that step there!

@etamponi is there a browser-based version of Nano? I’m on my work computer and will have to get permission from our IT department to download software which may take a couple days.

Nano is available in the Glitch console, just type nano filename.ext where filename.ext is the name of the file you want to edit. In this case it’ll be post-commit in the .git/hooks directory, or if it doesn’t already exist, just nano when you’re in that directory and you can create a new file with the content suggested in the readme.

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thanks guys, I’ll be trying to do a thing and I’ll report back later

hah, it’s ok! I’ve been trying to get some stuff out the way so I can write some clearer instructions for you, so if you don’t make any progress let me know and I’ll get to it.

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THANK YOU!! that would help me out so much. GWC’s dev help service has been down all week and I’m completely stuck… and class is tomorrow.

as of this hour, I don’t think I got very far. I’ll tinker around during my non lunch break and again when I’m free 3-4 EST.

Ok, I’ve updated the readme with some more granular instructions. I hope they help!

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Many thanks from a granular gal. :100:

when we’re making sure it’s executable with chmod +x post-commit, what are we looking for? will you know it’s good to go in console or elsewhere?

Also: this seems not right…Untitled

@Gareth @etamponi @anyone

You need a space after cd

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omg :exploding_head::sob: thank you

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With chmod, you just run the command and if you don’t get an error it worked ok. You can check file permissions with ‘ls -l’

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Thanks. I feel like this op.