[Closed] is already registered for glitch help me

I have registered my other website to this. But i accidentally closed it down, and not i just says: is already registered for glitch. And i can’t do anyting!!!

New Project Name: gnargebot

Domain: www.gnarge.xyz

@glitch_support can remove the domain from their database.

Hi @cross!

I’m sorry that you were having problems with custom domains. I’ve removed www.gnarge.xyz as you requested. Let me know if you need further assistance :slight_smile:


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@mads hey can you also help reset www.idmun.com as well? i tested it a few days ago, then closed the tab without saving the token, was about to look more into it today before i realized that it wouldn’t work any longer. thank you so much!

I’m going to ping @glitch_support.

I think glitch support was already pinged in this topic.

2 months ago.


please email support@glitch.com

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glitch doesnt remove domains through forums anymore

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oops, sorry


Im too

My Project Name: ilscrims

Domain: myearning.xyz

Hello, please contact support@glitch.com for domain removals.

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