[Closed] UptimeRobot Error (HTTP- 404 Not Found)

When I connect uptimeRobot it errors and says Not Found I go into the link that I put and it says that the thing is a website and it just says not found D: How to fix? Also uptime robot when I put it into a different port it says it’s alr. :slight_smile:

@Awsomegameplay123 can I have the exact url you put into uptimerobot or maybe some screenshot of the monitor you created on the dashboard?

Okay, so here it is @EddiesTech

It kept happening I don’t know why. Also I subbed to ur yt channel. :wink:

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It’s right it comes up as 404 not found because when you set up the monitor on uptimerobot you spelt support wrong :joy:

Okay let me try resting it to my Discord’s Bot name lol @EddiesTech

Okay @EddiesTech

Link: https://gfxsuport.glitch.me/ It’s a discord bot

@EddiesTech also it did it again

Idk why it does that. D: @EddiesTech

You need to make sure your server sends a response to the client (in this case Uptimerobot) so it doesn’t get a not found error

How do I do that. I have no idea how to. @EddiesTech

I just started making a discord bot 2 days ago so I have no idea how to do that.

Intl your server.js file make sure you have Express installed and then use this code:
app.get(’/’, (request, response) =>{

I don’t have a server.js file do I create 1 right now and add it? @EddiesTech

Whatever your main js file is (e.g. bot.js)

How do I know which is my main . js file? @EddiesTech I’m new at this sorry.

In package.json it should say node start and then something. That something is your main file unless you’re using python. If so, I can’t help you

Okay @EddiesTech I did it and a new error appeared I looked up the error in glitch found the solution fixed it and now theirs another error

You need to scroll up on the error to what first says. I can’t see the actually useful bit


Here yah go the useful part I scrolled now @EddiesTech