Competitors / alternatives to HyperDev

I’m super excited about HyperDev! Can’t wait for this to be out of beta and sweep the world.

In the meantime, and as a source of inspiration and ideas, what similar tools are out there?


  1. Tonic
  2. Nitrous
  3. Cloud9

PS: I’d love to hear from the HyperDevs what they think of existing tools and what inspired them to embark on something new!

This subthread from Hacker News has a big list of related tools, as well as a response from a HyperDev dev:

I personally use JSBin for client-side rapid prototyping all the time. The built-in ES6/JSX transpilation and ease of adding libraries is great.

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HyperDev shares a lot of characteristics with other cloud editors, but its core value is the fact that we explicitly target those developers that don’t want to bother with the deployment process and believe in the value of Continuous Deploy.

What HyperDev is, at its core? A tool that allows you to focus on just what you like: coding. We strive to make it capable of handling applications of any size, we provide immediate deploy of both the backend and frontend side of your app. Features like transpilation, testing, migrations are added as we speak, and you can already see some of the prototype solutions in the “gallery”: (that, as you can notice, is made in HyperDev :slight_smile: ).

Do not bother anymore about deploying your database, do not bother about differences between dev and prod environments: HyperDev will take care of that! Enjoy your coding :slight_smile:


I was going to wikify my original post here and update it but I guess I don’t have permission to edit posts that old.

Updates are that Nitrous is sadly discontinued, and CodePen has a new thing called Projects that is partially a Glitch competitor:

Oh and Tonic is now RunKit (part of Stripe) and is really beautifully done.