Console.log for client without using DevTools

So I’m on a school Chromebook and I love glitch for being pretty fast than any other IDE’s with similar features. The problem I’m facing is that I want to use the client’s console.

// client code, script.js
console.log("Hello world!")

I’m on a school Chromebook so it has limitations. No CTRL + SHIFT + J.

Also one project keeps refreshing for some reason. Name: chat—app
I want to see the console because of this, but I don’t really know if it’ll help.

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I like to use for debugging on chromebooks
I think GitHub - liriliri/eruda: Console for mobile browsers has the necessary info - you can either run some code in your project so that eruda appears for everyone, or use the bookmarklet for one-off debugging sessions
it’s not as good as the full chrome devtools of course, but it’s the best I’ve found

You could right click to open inspect element. And that refresh is most likely a meta tag or some glitch api stuff.

also that hot key of yours is so much slower than just pressing f12

Thanks! I was only using a different version of that which sucked but this is so much better!

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