Could not find node ^20.11.1, using 10 node v10.24.1, npm 6.14.12 Installing

Hi there,
I am having some issue where the editor is not able to find version 20 for node.
Because of that I am having sync issues with my mongodb, and cannot deploy.

Please help.

Hi @km5, welcome! We do not currently have Node 20 on containers - you can see what versions we do have here:

The team is currently working on container updates that will enable us to get and keep Node up to date very soon.

Thanks for the reply Jenn.
Just in case anyone else has the same issue as me:
Go to package.json and add

"engines": {
  "npm": ">=8.0.0 <9.0.0",
  "node": ">=16.0.0 <17.0.0"

This to your code and it should deploy now.