Ctrl-K search shortcut conflicts with delete to end of line

I use Ctrl-K all the time on my mac to delete text from my current position to the end of the line. On Gomix, it also activates search, which is really annoying.

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Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the report!

I’ll get our devs to put some :eyes: on the ctrl/cmd shortcuts on mac, as I believe cmd+k should be the mac shortcut and ctrl+k should be the windows shortcut.


I’m still running into this today. Ctrl-k kills to end of line, but then the search bar gets focused, too. Cmd-k just focuses the search bar, as expected.

All the Mac text editing shortcuts inherited from NeXT (and presumably ultimately Emacs) use Ctrl rather than Cmd, so:

  • Ctrl-k should be left unbound to do the stock Mac thing
  • Cmd-k should be open for Glitch to do whatever with.
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