Custom Domain Dosent Work

I Hooked Up My Custom Domain To Glitch Custom Domains And When I Try To Connect To The Domain It Says ‘Server Not Found’ In Mozilla.In Hostinger I Have’s Cname Name As Glitch And The TLS is 14400. Is The Name Wrong Or Something? Thanks :).

How long have you waited? DNS can take up to 72 hours to update.

oh sorry didnt realize…


You probably want to clear the ‘name’ field. I think it means subdomain, so what you’ve actually done is connect to glitch, rather than just

I don’t know what your domain is, naturally :slight_smile: But test what I’ve said above to see if it’s true and then delete the name field contents if so.

it said name is needed im using hostinger and my domain is

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Ok, sounds like Hostinger don’t let you make an “apex cname” so you should make an A Record instead.

I wrote about that before, here:

One other thing to try before that is to try putting ‘@‘ for name. Sometimes that works as special code for apex (ie no subdomain).

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