Custom Domain Not Working | Please Help


I am using CloudFlare for my DNS as it will also make the website secure.

Now here’s the problem, I set a DNS for the root for and it will say IP address not found.

I also did one for www, but then it would say not found:

I also tried to do as the target, but it also didn’t work.

Does anyone know why?

Hello @BLFD :wave: Welcome to :glitch: Glitch!

You need to set it as a CNAME and not an A record.

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Hello ihack2712!

It is already on CNAME.

Can you send a screenshot of the cloudflare configurations, please?

Can you also send a screenshot of the error?

Here. Take a look at the DNS.

Could you change your target to

Do I still need to include the random letters and numbers?

No, just set your target to



@RiversideRocks read above.

Records can take up to 72 hours to update. Check again later.

One can also use cloudflare dns servers directly to get these updates instantly :wink:


I have found the issue. I am marking this as a solution in case others come across this issues.

So, if you make the name of the CNAME www, please ADD www,domain,com to the custom domain and change it to the NEW target.

If your CNAME name is backup1,domain,com, then go to your glitch project and ADD THAT SUBDOMAIN as it, so like add backup1,domain,com, and update the target for that.

Ignore the ,'s, as I am only allowed to put 2 per reply.

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