How to change the "" part of your live site ? Please help

How to change the “” part of your live site ? Please help

Hi @Gokul_nair

If you have purchased a custom domain through a domain registrar, or you have a free domain from somewhere, you can connect it to your Glitch project.

This help article tells you how: How do I add a custom domain, a CNAME, or A record for my custom domain? - Glitch Support

Come back with any questions you have!

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I tried adding, The thing is I am using to run AR on my website. I do have a website, that is being hosted on wix. I want to get rid of the ending in the glitch site from “glitch(dot)me” to “mywebsitename(dot)com” without it changing my wix website

Ok, so let’s say you own the domain, where can you change the DNS records for it? Did you buy it through Wix or some other registrar?

The other thing is you say you don’t want it to change/affect your wix website. I’m just wondering what URL you want to use to access the wix site in future, once you make point to your Glitch site?

I’ll give you a worked example. This is my first time trying this…

I own, I bought it through So I log into and go to my admin settings for Here are the settings ‘before’:

I made a Glitch project, paprika-lang. In Tools, I added my Custom Domain:


Then I go to my internetbs panel. They don’t support CNAME for apex records, so I have to use an A record. I pinged to find the IP address…


…and I add an A record:

Give it a minute, and then…


Tada! :tada:

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Wow your explanation is great.
I will explain it in the same way my query.

I own, and I am running it on wix, So when you visit you will get “Visual 1”
Now the glitch site I have is which has “Visual 2”

What I want to achieve is

Where → Visual 1 Same → Visual 2

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Nice one, I get it now

You need to go into your settings for the domain, which I guess is with Wix. Here is their guide to changing DNS records:

In there, you will just need to add a CNAME record for your chosen subdoman, pointed to , so it will look like:

CNAME | | | 1 Hour

And leave any other records as they are. It should be fine.

On your Glitch site, connect the domain ‘

Hope it works, let us know

So this is what comes up for me in Wix it has a .ABC.COM already added as you can see which is what makes it confusing

I just really can’t seem to get my head around changing the “” ending of my live site to that of my domain, I have been lurking the support pages and everywhere. I did the steps from the help page and is of no avail.

My glitch site: (It’s a cool AR thing I’m trying :smiley: )
Wix site:

Task is to reach ← site , By entering

So in the CName I should be adding ?

First textbox: consumption-lighting
Second textbox:
if that doesn’t work try (same ip as above I believe).
Then click save

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This is right, but forget the IP, you only need that for an apex A-record.

So @Gokul_nair , fill in the info that javaarchive says above for the two boxes, then save it.

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