Custom Domain unexpectedly closed the connection

Since yesterday, my custom domain on my project stopped working saying “domain unexpectedly closed the connection”. Is it just me who’s having this issue or other people are having issues with this as well?

This is not a new domain btw, as it’s been attached to my project for a long time now.

Hi @Foxseiz - sorry you’re running into this. We’re looking into another report of someone having a similar issue. Can you email with the name of project and the domain you set, and I can pass that on?

Hi @jenn, I have sent an email already with support. What I’ve also noticed is that it works with http, but if I enter https, that’s when it stops working.

I don’t see a ticket associated with the email address you use for this account but I responded to a similar issue someone had several days ago - if the domain was set a long time ago, it may be pointing to something other than and the legacy app it is currently pointing to may have stopped working. If you change it to, it should work but if not let us know so we can follow up with the service we use for this and find a resolution.

I think it’s been an hour since I changed it but it’s still not working.

When you emailed us, did you get a response with a ticket number? I can see if I can find your info and follow up there!

Yup, I think it’s this #CD00072735.

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