Weird custom domain problem

Haven’t been able to find anyone else with this issue

I registered a domain called, seemed to work but when I go to, it says. “Setting up a custom domain for your Glitch project? Go here for instructions!” instead of my actual website, is this a glitch issue or is it trying to tell me that I’ve done something wrong. Thank you

It definitely looks like you’re “close” but have done something wrong. Like you got to Glitch but as you mentioned not to your project.

It looks like your forgot to add the domain to your project and you are just pointing your domain to Glitch’s custom domain IP.

i actually did, its still not working image

nevermind, they do support tk’s


did all that, still isn’t working and pulling up that same message

im not sure then, sorry :frowning:

Can you remove the domain then try again?

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