Dark Mode For Glitch [ In Dashboard , Accounts , Main Page]

Hey! It’s Cuurle.

As we all know sometimes developers :hyperdev: would need to work in dark places too. :crescent_moon:
Just found that i couldn’t change my mode in dashboard.:beach_umbrella: I was going to open
my 2nd respiratory to there and copy it to new code. I forgot that there is no
dark mode in dashboard ; bum! My eyes dead :eye: (jk). But that hurted my eyes.
Maybe we could bring a update that we can change all the site theme to dark
Thank you for reading! :clinking_glasses: Wish you have a great day :angel:

  1. Get the Stylish extension OR the Stylus extension
  2. Create a style with body {filter: invert(1);}

    glitch now looks hacker-ish
    but make sure to make it not apply on pages other than the dashboard cause it will ruin things like images
    One-click install: https://github.com/order-of-the-browser/userscript-db/raw/master/glitchdotcom-dashboard-dark.user.css

Thank you! Will try it :slight_smile:

Another alternative is to use the Dark Mode browser extension: https://darkreader.org/.