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Hello, I am making a website and hosting it with my custom domain on Glitch… But I’ve noticed that if I do the plain link it takes me to this page: how do I redirect it straight to the home.html page?


I’ve had this happen to me before. @cori you need to take a look at this.

EDIT: Removed answer as it doesn’t solve the problem.



This could be because of your project not being configured correctly, can you please show me your projects file list, if you are using a project that is created with the hello-webpage option, which will not use a package.json or express. Then you will need to have an index.html, which can be used to redirect to home.html with the following inside the index.html file.

  <script type="text/javascript">
    window.location = "https:/";


I don’t have a package.json file or index.js. I just have the standard home.html and premium.html (different webpages) because I don’t really have a full understanding on how to use express.

But I will try out the index.html

EDIT: changing my home.html file to index.html, fixed my problems… Thank you for the ideas. :grinning:


If you would like to keep the home.html file kept with that name, and add make a new file called index.html, then you can put the code above inside, and it will transfer you to the home.html when the website is opened.


Hey @cartar1, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I know this is a little late for your specific problem since I think you just renamed your “main” file to the default filename that’s recognized by the static webserver Glitch uses.

If you run into this again, this behavior can be controlled by a config file. I mentioned this previously in Details of static website server configuration ( "hello-webpage" template) and there are some links there to documentation for the available options for the configuration. @xXProGamerXx I’d be interested to know if this addresses your concerns; in short this is expected behavior and there’s nothing for Glitch to “fix” here.


Thank you for the recommendation.


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I got confused from that time when Glitch projects got randomly wiped. Sorry for the bother.