Website Hosting

How do i visit my Website hosted on Glitch.
If i check logs i get this: Serving at http://db28bdc13c60:3000,,

You should click the show button on the top left corner and click open in a new tab.

When i go to a new page on my website and go back to home i get this : Not Found

Have you created that page yet?

Yeah it’s also the main page

Can you share your project link? I can take a look.

Code or Website?


Has been done

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Ok, so the default (home) page of your website should always be index.html.

You should rename Home.HTML to index.html.

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Ok. created it on 1 hour and never made a website before so im pretty dumb at it XD

Oh no its fine, you have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Ok it is now Index

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Also, you should keep HTML and index lower case, so the file is index.html

Yeah had to go on the bus so i took my laptop and copy pasted it so that’s probally why

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Alright well it seems to be working :slight_smile:

Make sure the I is lowercase.