Discord Bot does not respond to commands

Project name: fragrant-rake
There’s a really long error in the logs.

Hey @Y0UR-U5ERNAME, I’ll notify @glitch_support about this!

Can you send us the error?

It’s too long to be sent

Put in a pastebin file and send it over.

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I can’t find the start and end of the error.

I think the relevant part of the error is “ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘db.json’”

Maybe try creating db.json, maybe with initally empty contents, like “{}”?

Hope this helps,


I already tried that; it outputs the same thing.

I’ve kind of fixed it, but the bot does not respond to commands using the database.

change the extension to .txt, json files have been having hissey fits

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You may need to provide the full path to the JSON file. E.G: /app/db.json (if your db.json file is in the top level directory).

Using /app/db.json didn’t seem to make a difference…