Discord bot going down?!?

My bot keeps going down after a certain amount of hours. I’ve added it to awake and uptimerobot but nothing though the status does shown as down uptimerobot.

I have not added any special code to keep it up related

Can anyone help?

Is the bot actually going down or is it only showing as down on UptimeRobot?

Went down. I have added watch.json now but not sure it that would help, what can I do?

Is there an error in the logs?

Before or after I added the code?

I didn’t see any errors then and now.

Are you sure the uptimerobot url is “http://GLITCH_PROJECT_NAME.glitch.me” or “https://GLITCH_PROJECT_NAME.glitch.me”?

On UpTimeRobot?


Is your project named name?

No obviously not lol.

@JavaOldMan Glitch projects reboot every now and then to keep them fresh.

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I don’t quite understand? What do you mean by fresh

Updated and to keep costs down. It happens when it is inactive for 5 minutes and every 12 hrs.

Then it goes back on though?

If you’re using UptimeRobot and it’s set up correctly, then it should go down every 12 hours but it should start back up. Make sure the URL you set in UptimeRobot actually loads a page.

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Figured it out. Thanks to those who tried to help.