Discord bot suspended :(

0w1s-syzygy isn’t malicious. It’s a discord bot

Staff should reply shortly.

Usually, bots are banned for being problomatic or that they’re just on a banned host

In the mean time, try re-generating a new bot token and see if it works with the new one.

Thank you, unfortunately the bot was suspended and the code was locked.

Hi @0w1s, your project was suspended for running out of disk space in a particular way. I’ve temporarily granted you additional disk space to resolve the issue; while you have that additional space, you should take these steps:

  1. open your project’s console
  2. find the files that are changing regular;ly by examining the file names that appear a lot in the output of git log --stat
  3. put each of those filenames into a file called .gitignore.
  4. type git prune and <enter>
  5. type git gc and <enter>
  6. type enable-pnpm and the key (the above-linked gif shows that, too - this will move the node_modules files out of your project’s container and restart your project)

Then let us know how all of that goes.