Discord.js Bots Suspended

Two of my bots (made using discord.js),
https://pokeroid-beta.glitch.me/ and https://pokeroid-bot.glitch.me/ have been suspended and the reason is stated “Unkown”

And it’s weird. Sometimes its suspended, Sometimes its not…
If a project is suspended and I change the URL to my another project, It shows suspended too…

@ash, please email support@glitch.com!

Also I was using uptimerobot if it does counts.

One of my friend stated that projects using uptime robot to stay awake got suspended, is it true?

No, we all use UptimeRobot and Awake! and I haven’t experienced any problems, so far!

Thanks, Sometimes the projects are not suspended and sometimes they are. I think this is a problem with Glitch itself… Probably?

Might be related with the downtime Glitch is facing currently (https://support.glitch.com/t/increased-loading-time-for-projects-apps/20206), I’ll notify @glitch_support anyway.

I believe that @khalby786 is correct, however, you should also check out this thread:

But that doesn’t cause the project to be suspended!

But neither would this outage. I think this may be some of the remnants of the weekend project ban.

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@glitch_support has been already notified, in that case!

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Hi @ash,

I’ve restarted pokeroid-beta and pokeroid-bot and confirmed that they’re loading. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Gotta code them all!