Discord Meta Embeds not working with custom domains


I got a custom domain from Namecheap, it works perfectly, though the embeds don’t show in Discord. Here’s a screenshot: image
(Basically on the custom domain, it doesn’t show, but it does if I link it directly to Glitch’s domain)

That seems terribly unlikely simply because Discord isn’t checking where the domain name comes from or who is hosting it. Sounds like a bug, probably a subtle one or you would have spotted it.

I’ll recommend that you confirm the issue by making the simplest embed you can… don’t include images or a url or a button. When that works add the details back in one item at a time until you see which one has the problem. Or if you’d like post some of the code.

Agreeing with @tleylan, on Discuouse, it renders just fine

huh I wonder if it’s due to caching. that always complicates things :laughing:

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I have used the same code with different content in many different Glitch projects (without custom domains) and all of them render correctly, here’s how the code looks:

(ignore the empty image meta tag)

Again, I’ve been doing embeds like these for other projects and they work perfectly fine, which makes me think it has something to do with the domain somehow. I hope I provided what you needed!

Oops I made a big assumption. I assumed that you were using Discord.Js now I assume that you are not. I’ve never seen it done with meta tags so I have no idea how that works.