Discord Music Bot Lag


Hello, my bot has an Music system, but it lags.
He’s is in only 7 servers with 704* members, I tried create a new project with only music system, and still lag :confused: Theres a way to fix?
I have all dependencies (ffmpeg, opusscript, libsodium-wrappers etc).

Sorry for my bad engllish.


Glitch’s processors that are assigned in each box aren’t that powerful to withstand the music demand, As music uses alot of rescourses. Glitch isn’t really the place for making music bots with crystal clear sound.


Ok, thank you!
Have a good day.


Music is always going to lag with Discord bots, whether you like it or not.
There’s no way to fix it, and the only way is to host it on your computer or a faster service (due to Glitch’s processors not being that powerful)


Glitch will soon be adding a feature to increase your projects ram/memory/storage, this will be a paid feature, but would help the performance of the music bot!


“Soon” may be too strong a term here, and we’re still working out what those options will include. They may include things like higher memory limits and storage, but that’s still under consideration.


Soon™ is the term you are looking for