Discord OG tags not displaying when using expressjs & ejs

I have this set of OG tags in my <head> but it doesn’t display anything when using the url in Discord. why?
Screenshot of Code:

add this to all the tags
prefix="og: http://ogp.me/ns#"

Doesn’t work. :frowning:

My first thought was that it was something with the caching but no matter what query I use it still doesn’t display anything.

Use a site like OpenGraph Check to see what OpenGraph tags can be found on your site.

I tried this, but It just shows none implemented, but if I try another site I have where it works (html/no express) it doesn’t show any implemented as well, but it does work on Discord with that one.

Are your tags in the HEAD section, not the BODY?

I said this in the original post…

Can you send us your project name?

I’m not actually using glitch but since it’s still express I didn’t see why people from here couldn’t help.

And sending the project name won’t really help to see why it isn’t working. The html code isn’t wrong, I know of this for sure.

Sending the project name will allow us to get a deeper understanding of the cause of the issue and help you to fix it quicker.

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To elaborate. We can’t fix your issue if the only details you give us is 4-5 lines of tags.

Try use the solution mentioned by @TurboBiscuit however add the prefix="oh: http://ogp.me/ns#" to your <html> tag.

Read the entire post and all the replies.

If you were to use Inspect Element/DevTools and look at the pages source do the <meta> tags still show? Due to the results you sent from Open Graph Check it indicates you have a markup issue or the <meta> tags aren’t been sent to the browser/requestee.

Yes it’s there, and so is it if I use curl.

The weird thing is I tried another site I have that’s just a static html site no express or anything like that, put a few og tags there, which works on Discord but doesn’t show on OG Check.

Do you have any way to reproduce this issue?

I’ve used Open Graph tags with Expressjs before and they work completely fine.

If you’re using ejs and it works then I have no idea, if not. Use that,