Discord playing glitch

So i dont need help with a discord bot but i have seen users in discord that are playing glitch like with glitch picture and all and i know when u are using apps that shows up but glitch is in a browser so how do i do that?

Its called premid and its an extension for the browser

how do i do that? pls tell mah

By installing premid?

where can i install it?

I’ve heard of that before, but it sounds like you can only install it on a desktop. Is it on the chrome web store?

I’m sorry to be rude but have you heard of Google.

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Its installed as a browser add on and desktop program as the program actually displays the site on discord

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These people arent heard of linking a website. You can download PreMiD from here: https://premid.app/downloads

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Bit annoying how it hosts a server on my computer, you should probaly deny it if the firewall prompt comes up so the server is only accessible to you.