Disk Problem--Can't git gc, missing files


I know this is problem that has happened before but currently I am out of disk space on my project (https://glitch.com/~sun-god-bot). I’ve already tried git prune and git gc multiple times and I’m getting this error:

error: couldn’t write .git/logs/HEAD: No space left on device
error: couldn’t write .git/logs/refs/heads/master: No space left on device
error: failed to run reflog

I’ve moved all my files into a database/ directory and gitignored that entire directory, with no avail either. Now another problem is my sql files (the ones i am ignoring) have completely disappeared, and I can’t seem to rewind past two days ago when I originally was trying to add the files into my gitignore.

  1. Would there be a way to get temporary extra disk space so I can run git gc?
  2. Are my files actually gone or am I just not seeing them?

Thank you. Sorry if this is a repeat topic, I wasn’t sure where to ask for help.

Hi @AthenaBird welcome to the Glitch forums! Your instincts as to the necessary next steps are right on – the usual procedure seems to be that @Glitch_Response will reply to your message and temporarily grant your project more space (I think it’s usually for 24 hours) so that you can clean things out, so don’t worry!