Displaying simple text records one at a time from an airtable

Hi. I set up a typeform to solicit responses from people. I have stored that data in both a google sheet and an airtable. I’d love to set up a simple app that let me display one record at a time from one field in the table. The user should be able to advance through these records either sequentially or randomly. Overall there are three fields I’d like to do this for but starting with one is fine.

The specifics are I asked people “what forms of community resilience have you seen during the coronavirus?” and the answers are beautiful and inspiring. I want to showcase them back to the people who answered the question and to the world at large.

I’d love this app to have a live connection to the Airtable so it stays current, but for simplicity I could occasionally manually import the text. If there’s an existing project I could copy and play with that would be great and save everyone lots of time :wink:

Airtable has a great API! Maybe you’re looking for something like this?