New to Glitch and Coding, need help with JavaScript

I wanna create a project that’ll require JavaScript (I only know Python). Is anyone willing to collab with me on my first portfolio piece and help me learn JavaScript along the way?

I want to create a simple web app with the Spotify Web Playback SDK that allows users to play an audio track inside their browser and simultaneously connect to the Genius API to display the lyrics of that user-selected song. I’ve tried remixing an existing Spotify project from their team page, but again I don’t know Javascript so I am a bit stuck.

Hello Britt,

It’s fantastic that you want to learn JavaScript! A nice resource to learn about js’ syntax is and w3schools. They both contain some nice tutorials and information about the language. For API references you may use MDN.

Best of luck!

Thank you for sharing those resources!

Sooo… It sounds like you’re already well ahead of the game! :wink:

Do you mind sharing a link to your project? What have you tried so far?

hey! it’s it just a remixed project right now. i had no idea what to do next and had to switch gears today although i wish i could have spent my whole day trying to figure this out haha

Yeah, looking at your project there’s a lot of code there! Where to begin?! :upside_down_face:

How about here?

Do you know which genius API call to make to get this information?

Here’s a project getting info from the Genius API which might help give you a start:

Thank you for sharing and for following up with me here too Gareth! I think I will just stick to doing a project in Python for now. Trying to teach myself JavaScript right now may not be the wisest choice. I desperately need a job and I need more projects to showcase that can help with that goal. So doing things in a language I already have a grasp on might allow me to reach my goal a bit faster.