Does Glitch block

I have seen my project get taken down shortly after having a request to this site, is it possibly blocked by Glitch?

They could think it it a pinging service.
(Someone please correct me if I’m wrong)

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Possibly, inside the email they included:

  • Code that overloads our system and prevents the enjoyment of Glitch by others.
  • Code used for spying/gaining unauthorized access to websites.

The code was really basic, therefore I suspected cors-anywhere.

What on earth were you trying to do? Also suspending projects for “overloading” and “spying” by using CORS anywhere (from my knowledge) seems kind of stupid, but I would get where they are coming from.

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Hi @directlycrazy!
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Glitch staff member @tasha has already said that:

Read more: My site got suspended help. Violating Terms of Service. SKM - #6 by tasha
Hope this helps and Happy Glitching! :glitch: :slight_smile:


My xkcd printer app briefly used cors-anywhere and wasn’t taken down probaly because xkcd had an api in the first place but it didn’t have cors. If you use it for good intentions and don’t violate TOS it shouldn’t get taken down

According to Glitch staff members, AWS (their provider) considers it as social engineering, therefore it is against the TOS.

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Howdy if you are experiencing Errors with it you will need to Clone the App from Github to a server to use (it is what you are meant to do anyway as it is Stated by that Documentation Due to Heroku rate-limiting the Herkou project it is just to trail it so you can see if it Works)

That is not the problem. Glitch/AWS has banned CORS for being “proxy-like” and social engineering.

He/she was asking if/why it was banned.


I found if you need to Use it to Host on repl it or Set up your Own Herkou Project
But Not Using Glitch’s servers

Edit: i have tested it it worked for requests from a Static HTML page

Heroku bans proxies (and Heroku also runs on AWS)

Wait, does that mean that APIs with CORS are also banned? Like the XKCD CORS API?

Can confirm this. I am part of a proxy making discord server and back in the day everyone ran their proxies on heroku, until heroku pulled the plug on that.

Doesn’t cors-anywhere Just Add cors Headers To API Data And Then Make The Request Give back the Response
I guess Considering How it Does it
it does counts as a Proxy