Downloading private files in .data folder

I am sure this has been asked a gazillion times (but docs don’t have this detail, and quick search through community can’t find answer).

I am saving database in local .data folder - how can I download it, so I can backup, as well as see the file size.

On the Glitch console, make a zip file:

zip -r ~/.data 

Then, from there, is stored on the project’s “home” directory. You could always upload it to a site like from there.

curl --upload-file

As for file size:

du -sh ~/.data
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@RiversideRocks Pretty sure (curl) got deprecated… Or maybe I just didn’t get an update anywhere?

It seems that there is an alternative to curl now. I don’t know which one however. I will try to tell more about this as I find out about the alternative.

Nope, curl is probably the world’s most used HTTP client and probably isn’t going to get deprecated anytime soon. However, if you want an example with wget or another tool, let me know.


I should’ve known better! I did know that curl was the most used but eh in my console it didn’t work.

So I thought it maybe got deprecated, since my friends were experiencing the same issue, and also I read a couple articles about it getting deprecated.

Sorry if this mis-led anyone!

I think what you may be seeing is that curl no longer works with Glitch with https. I’ve updated my response.

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