Failed to start application on

I forked the project at the screenshot below (now recaptime-draft as of 9-1-19) from the original ghostly project. I updated the package from 2.21.0 to
2.30.2. After the update, the project site went down and under the non-stopping maintenance loop because of the errors. I backed up my Ghost data, so I rest assured. Any fixes or troubleshooting about this?

Hi @AJHaliliDev2006PH, it looks like your project is running properly now; are you still encountering problems?

Because I was stressed out about that bug, I created a repository for those who want to install Ghost into v2.30.2. So the problem is solved, just setting it up, uploading the backups and back to the work.

The old one, renamed to ~recaptime-draft, still need to be debugged. But because I’m new to coding, I’ll delete it (or even hide it from the public) for now.