Feature request: import specific branch and/or commits from GitHub

Would be great if https://hyperdev.com/#!/import/github/OrgName/RepoName supported pointing to non-default branch and/or specific commits.

So, for instance, https://hyperdev.com/#!/import/github/OrgName/RepoName/tree/feature/version-1

Tried this but it didn’t seem to work.

We use HyperDev for teaching Node/Express, and we walk students through different moments in building out simple apps. If we could point to branches / commits as “checkin points” in the journey of building app, without having to separate repos, that would be fun times.

Keep up the good work y’all. HyperDev is the best.


This is definitely on our feature list! Many folks use that type of setup for examples of library and such, so I’m keen to get this as well.


Bumping this great idea to add further interest and discussion links on this topic.


You currently (mid-2019) have to use the glitch console to import non-master branches.

Glitch Help

Glitch Feature Ideas

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