File contents missing after paste/upload



I’m seeing weird behavior after a paste code into a file. Here’s the repro steps:

  1. Create an empty file
  2. Paste the full contents of a JS file that I have locally into the new file
  3. All the code appears for a couple of seconds, then this error appears for a couple of seconds:
  4. All of the contents disappear and the file is back to being empty

I’ve refreshed, deleted, recreated, and kept re-pasting, but it keeps on doing it.

Also, the weird thing is, it is only happening for this file. I have others that are fine. I’ve also tried to directly upload it and the same thing happens.

You can see what file it is here:

Is there something in the contents that could be causing this?


Cannot paste more than ~1500 lines at a time

There’s a maximum paste size, so you’d need to either import the file from GitHub or paste it in sections.


Ahhh! Thanks!

Just curious, is there a way to import a single file from Github?


It doesn’t seem like there is, I’m only able to import an entire repo. Also, my very large files (anything over ~1mb) aren’t showing up when I import from github. Is there a file size limitation?


There is: