File/Image Sharing Remix Project?

Anyone aware of a file sharing system on here I can use? Preferably a password protected one. If not either works. Files and photos would be excellent. but photos is the big concern. (Trying to do a self hosted one so my users can use it to upload ban requests for my discord bot)

There is few ways you can do it.

Here is two ways.

First way

Is to do that yourself using (nodejs) built on express. However it may not be secure as much as a second way but it all depends on how you secure it. This would be great method if the pictures didn’t contain any personal private information.

Second way

Is to use third-party services. Most likely way more secure than doing it yourself however it will allow you to store pictures with private personal information in it.

Hey @ClearlyElevated,

@stefan has made an image gallery which allows you to upload images to the assets folder of a remixed version of ~image-gallery and embed the remixed project to get a gallery of all the photos you uploaded. Also, it allows you to protect your gallery with a password.

Detailed instructions:
Glitch project:!/image-gallery
Demo: (scroll down a bit)


That’s a really great use of the project!

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I would recommend 3rd-party services, unless you are confident in your nodejs proficiency :smiley:

I’m sure @stefan is a really proficient NodeJS developer. :wink::grin:

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I mean I’ve used it to write discord bots. But that’s about it. That’s why I was looking for one with minimal work involved. I figured glitch would be good for this since I didn’t have enough traffic to my reports to need a paid service. Maybe 3-4 a day. And really wanted to be able to use it on an extension of my own domain for my bots existing website

I use bozon which is a bit like a file manager,
You can login using misly as the user and 123 as the pass

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Yeah. That makes sense.