File loading incorrectly

Hello! So I have a file, which works completely fine when I host it locally but acts weird on Glitch.

So I just copy-pasted it from my machine and it adds a } to the end of the file while it clearly isn’t there. Anyone that could help me with this?

@RyanLandDev, does running refresh help?

Already tried that, nope.

Hey @RyanLandDev! What the console is reporting is that there’s an error with that line (specifically, it’s pointing at the “is”) because, as you know, there is nothing here > isn’t valid JavaScript. That extra closing brace (}) you see in the console could be because of that.

What happens if you comment out that line by adding a // to the beginning of it?

If you’d like us to take a look, let us know what the name of the project is. If it’s a private project, you can send it to and we’ll get in touch!