Fs messing up my files?

Im trying to save info to a file using the fs module, but after it writes to the file, if I reload the file disappears from the file system view

I can still read the file, but I would also like to be able to edit it manually.

Any idea whats causing this or how I could fix it?

What kind of file is it? And was it created manually or by your code? Some file types don’t get shown in the editor and files within hidden directories aren’t shown either - see https://glitch.com/help/hidden-files/. Note also that programmatic changes to the contents of a file won’t show in the editor unless you run ‘refresh’ at the console. They’re still being made - it’s just the editor doesn’t auto-sync and show those changes.

Well, it was a txt file I made manually, and I also did do refresh and they still wern’t there

Let us know the name of the file and DM me a project join link and I’ll take into what’s happening. Thanks.

It looks like anything in a folder called logs gets hidden automatically - I’m looking into why. Renaming it to log fixes the issue though.


Right now logs is .gitignored automatically, and anything .gitignored doesn’t show up in the editor. These two things should really be separate.