Get ip address?

Hello how can i get my glitch containers ip address? Thanks

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In the console you can execute curl and you should get your container’s IP back. Keep in mind that your project can change hosts (and IP addresses) as often as every 12 hours.

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Where is the console that I can plus this in at?

@kkd18 press the tools button, then press console

Okay, I pasted it but the ip address has not appeared, where will it show up?

Can you take a screenshot @kkd18 ?

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If you want to get the ip address of the container your project is running on you can press the tools button, then press the console button. When a console appears you can write curl then press enter.

Have you pressed enter? Click on the console again and press enter

2 Likes results in an error. Use the website suggested by @ihack2712

Okay now I have it!
So when I go to add this in the A type record, what do I put for the host?

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You should use a CNAME with instead

I called Go-Daddy and they said I cannot set up a CNAME without the A because I was getting an error

Can you show the config that gives the error? What error shows? It should work

You should maybe contact godaddy support then.

Can you try clearing your cache and trying again? Or incognito window? There shouldn’t be an error

They say they have and they said they need an a record

Use as the A record IP.