Getting Help From Support Staff


Question: When should I ping staff and when should I send a message to


  • First, checkout our FAQs.
  • If you need help removing a custom domain, getting some temporary extra disk space or un-suspending a project, please send a message to
  • If you want us to provide guidance in a forum thread, then ping @glitch_support.


In the past, there has been some confusion about who to contact the Glitch Support Team. During this time, many of you have been super-awesome about helping user’s ping us or otherwise get in touch with Support, so thank you for that!

Moving forward:

  • If you want to ping support in the forum, please use @glitch_support. That will notify us that there is a forum post where our help is requested.
    (previously this was an un-used user account, that I have renamed glitch_archived. The name, glitch_support has been assigned to the group formally called support_staff.)

  • If you want to talk to us privately, please send us a support request.

Take Care & Happy Glitching!