GitHub Login Problem: Database Error

When I try to login into my github account in my project I am getting this error.
I saw some form that shows same problem but i could not find the solution for it. It just says that it happen when we have multiple glitch account but idk how to fix it.

Hi @Kristab - sorry you’re running into this! Try clearing your browser cache and then trying again. If you run into the same issue, file a ticket here in our help center including the username for the account that you are trying to login to as well the email that is associated with the GitHub account that you are trying to use for logging in to Glitch. Someone will be able to take a look! More often than not, it has to do with the fact that only one Github account can be associated with a Glitch account.

Hello @jenn , Thanks for the reply. I tried linking my another GitHub account to my glitch account and it worked but still I want to use my main GitHub account. So should I file a ticket?

Yes - let them know your Glitch username tell them that you want your current Github account removed from it so you can attach a different Github account.

I might have misread your response so I striked out my reply - you can only have one Github account associated with your Glitch account, so only take that advice if you’re okay with the original Github account being removed.

I want my (main) github account removed from any other glitch account thats its linked in and also remove the (current) github account that is linked in my current glitch account.

Okay cool - then my original advice stands - let support know your username and that you want the Github account removed from it. It’s only going to be associated with that one account because you can use the Github account on multiple Glitch accounts.

Sure thx alot for the guidance.

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