Glitch addons for the projects

my idea is that you create a service that allows the installation of packages into projects. Like themes or frameworks or glitch born languages like xenText

people make them while following guidelines and then they send them off to be moderated and approved. Then people can install through a cli or editor interface. Like NPM. And users can turn them off or on through somesort of manager

I think this would be great as a new or paid feature!

best idea ever, i have a feeling that khalby should merge this into his most recent topic!

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thanks @Jonyk56!

more text for good measure

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What kind of stuff would people install?

they would install different nodejs versions, xent, ruby, go, that stuff, rust, etc etc

maybe! you could make a package manager yourself but it comes with challenges. did you know NPM is being bought by github?

yes, I actually raged from that, what is causing such to happen?

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idk, wonder if anything`ll change

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Microsoft buys github
github buys npm

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By cocidence I made something like a package manager today for windows portable apps. It runs on python so I could adapt it for linux

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im currently working on a package manager called ‘workman’

it will work for several languages like node, python (mainly) etc.

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that could work!

workman works like this:

  1. enter CLI and type ‘install’
  2. enter your package name and it will search for it
  3. finds .zip file and extracts to directory
  4. done
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download workman-


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By the way there’s a simple method in the zipfile module you can use to extract the zip. Another cool thing is use something like netlify or to host lots of files. I think one of them has a 100gb bandwith limit which you aren’t likely to hit if you ddos protection works correctly.

My current package manager I’m writing was meant to make managing portable apps, python and nodejs installations easier. With just a command I can install any one of those things. Anyways good luck 17lwinn with your package manager :slight_smile:.

Package manager I made:

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thanks for the help!

i am going to use the zipfile module to unzip files, and i’ll try netlify now!


its now ready! it now decompresses the files to your directory

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