Glitch App stopped working for no reason today

Today I was notified that my discord bot, which is hosted here in glitch stopped working for no reason, i tried updateing the app via npm update and no success, I wanted to know if this is only me or what can I do to get it back up and running.

The project is called musicord-live

I’ve been having a similar issue, a few of my Node apps are just stuck on the Starting screen.

I had a problem similar to this a while ago. The problem might be that your npm packages have versions that are incompatible with some part of your project. The following steps may work:

  • copy and paste your package.json to a txt file
  • in the txt file change the dependency versions to what they were before your last update
  • delete package.json
  • wait a few minutes so your app turns into a static site
  • make package.json again and copy and paste the contents of your txt file back into it

Though you may have solved it from what I can see as a search for musicord-live only brought up musicord-live-backup.
I hope this helps

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