Glitch CDN is down

Glitch CDN is down.

Possibly because of the current outage.

I tried clearing cookies and found cookies weren’t an issue.


If you have xFi from xfinity, you are given an option to take part in safety which will black certain websites, and Glitch’s CDN is one of them.

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Also, to check look here. Https://

I do not use xFi. I think it is because of the outage even though they don’t mention it there.

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My friend was having the same issue. I believe the program is called “advanced security” and it essentially renders 9 in 10 glitch sites useless.


Still doesn’t work, I keep getting “refused to connect” on my Chromebook

Do you have any anti viruses?

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Seemed to work for me, could you try on a VPN or a proxy?

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No, I don’t have any anti-virus

Sure, in a little while.

Also what country do you live in as some countries are strict on what is allowed to be shown

United States of America (USA)

That’s interesting, what isp and does it have any child filters or nsfw content filters?

If you have Xfinity, they block Glitch CDN.

If you have cURL installed on your PC could you run curl -I and see what happens?

Ok, has the CDN ever worked before now?

Yes it has worked before. @chessebuilderman

If you were to use a vpn would it work?