An issue with Glitch CDN (asking on behalf of a friend)

My friend and I work on a website on Glitch and he was having a bit of trouble viewing the website. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he could not see the background image. I told him to test if Glitch CDN was working so I had him go to open up an image with Glitch CDN. He was unable to connect to How could we fix this? We have the same ISP and I believe this is an error only on his end.

Do you have XFINITY?

Some things you and him could compare and test:

Different ISP, for example a phone network
Different device
Different browser

Hi @RiversideRocks,

If your friend is willing, can they share some details about their internet service?

  • the name of their ISP
  • the city they’re located in
  • the text of any error shown when they attempt to visit this link

Yes. Does Xfinity have glitch cdn blocked?

I messaged you the information.

Xfinity doesn’t have glitch’s cdn ( blocked.

It’s blocked due to XFINITY Advanced Security on your friend’s network, it marks the glitch cdn as a Suspicious Site Visit.

I am able to see the glitch logo from the cdn since I have it disabled on my network.

Someone had this problem - I think there is a glitch with the CDN , and Disabling advanced security fixed it.

The website to disable that is: , and go to More, and then go to My Services, then on click Disable under xFi Advanced Security, and it will show a blue check, and click that to disable it.

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Thank you!
I will be sure to check in with him.