Glitch discord bot lag

My project is: v12bot
Hey! my project has been lagging a lot, I can’t even open the console.
My bot will respond and load with a lot of delay, I hope that Glitch staff will see this and help me.

Btw I don’t have any kind of pinging service that will make it slow

@itay949494994 do you have any keep alive packages?

can you run this in console and tell me what it says:

curl -I

The glitch project itself is not responding, not about discord

try clearing your cahe and cookies, if that doesnt work try a private browser like incognito

Nothing works, idk what to do

can i try joining @itay949494994

Your bot is probably lagging because Glitch containers only have so much CPU. If you want to reduce the lag you should look into a VPS.

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