Glitch editor caret moves to the right side of a character even if you click to the left of the center of that character


In this video I’m continuously clicking the “g” character, steadily moving to the left with each successive click:

You can see that the caret only appears on the left side of the “g” when my cursor gets right up to the left edge of the “g”.

Instead, the caret should appear on the left side of the “g” if I click just one pixel to the left of the center of the “g”.

This seems like a small thing, but it’s quite annoying. I’m having to build new “glitch editor” neurons in my head to subconsciously adjust for this.


This is a major issue I have with glitch also - very frustrating as I often have to retype or edit as I have missed 1 character. It would be fantastic to fix this.


@Gareth can you replicate this? Definitely isn’t a problem with codemirror itself:,output though it could be something to do with a mode or some plugin.


Yes, I can - I’ll see if I can find out what’s causing it. Thanks.


How did you go @joe and @Gareth ?


I think the team must be pretty busy with some other issues. I’m definitely looking forward to a fix for this. Probably my second most wanted bug fix only after the inability to prevent auto restarts without watch.json boilerplate and other hacks (which isn’t really a bug - more of a feature request).


Hey Gareth, any progress on this?


No, not that I’m aware of. We’ll update this topic when it has been fixed.