Glitch External Ports

Why does glitch only expose two ports externally, instead of allowing us to use any non-root ports?

Hey there @WyattL,

I’ll send your feedback to the product team. To clarify, what do you mean by two ports?

Thanks so much!

The two ports externally exposed are 443 & 80 for HTTP(S).

Or perhaps there could be an option to open certain ports and close them

Hi @WyattL,

Incoming web traffic http (port 80) and https (port 443) are both mapped by Glitch to the single webserver that the individual project opened. Together they’re known as port 3000.

I’ll take your feedback about exposing more ports to the team!

Could we modify this?

I mean like is there a way we can modify which ports make port 3000?

You can change the local port (3000) to a different port, I (think) you just have to modify process.env.PORT.
If you’re talking about which external ports point to 3000, I don’t think you can, but I hope it’s added.