Glitch for free website host, domain

I want a website for my discord bot, I need a host and I heard there’s a glitch about it, can someone help me how to make the glitch to make a free website, host and free domain.

You make a new project choose the hello webpage option. From there you can edit your code. Please press the hear icon on this if this helped!

Where do i do the new project and hello webpage option?

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Okay thanks, but how do i get a domain and host it 24/7

Hi @Andr3yx! You’ll need to buy the domain yourself on something like or Many are very cheap (about a dollar a year) but I don’t know of any that are completely free. To have the site be available 24/7, you’ll need to setup something like the uptimerobot, which will ping your site periodically so that it’s constantly up. I think there are some demos of setting it up in the forum!

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Yes hello, um just wanted to know, what do we put in UptimeRobot? Like the website url or what?

Hi, pinging is now banned on glitch so using uptimerobot won’t work. But yes, you’d enter in something like