Glitch: Make a Discord Bot website to make our bots come online

Dear Glitch Development Team:

I grant my sincere thanks for the past months to help us discord bot developers become successful, in which providing us a home to code at, bot hosting, and more.

Although, on a recent glitch post you made, you permanently banned 3rd party websites to ‘ping’ or keep our bots online and not sleep.
Please take note, we wish the very success of Glitch and discord to come together in the near future, but as you banned our only means to ping our bots alive, we suffer to the possibility that we have to pay to keep our bots online. Though, which brings me the reason to create this thread.

I am making this thread to ask you something. If it would be possible for you glitch developers to create another website that only bot developers on discord can use to keep their bots online, or to fully code, host, and keep the bots alive such as: as an example.

Please consider thisimportant as Glitch is the only free website to code our bots and become successful.

If you’re reading and comment on this (you Glitch developers) please take this into consideration and hopefully make our dreams come true! :smiley:

I would suggest self hosting, buying a vps or paying for the glitch plan.


I dont like my computer staying on 24/7

And plus, i have no way for paying that much

Hi there @Terminality!
While I am sure Glitch are appreciative of the fact you took the time to send them this suggestion, after all, they are business and have to make money. Here’s why it isn’t feasible to allow 24/7 apps for free, even if it’s just for Discord Bots:
You see, Glitch banned pinging for two reasons: stability and costs. Making a new website won’t help these matters much. For example, Glitch would still need to use (if not hire more) servers from Amazon Web Services (which are pretty expensive) and then make a brand new Glitch, just for Discord. It just doesn’t make sense. Though I love the idea of them providing 24/7 hosting for free for Discord developers, or any developers for that matter, there is just no way they can do it without blowing the budget or having downtime all the time from people pinging and keeping stuff online. That’s why they made Boosted Apps - a way for them to allow you to have your apps online and other perks, while being able to pay the bills (AWS Bills :joy:) and keep the platform usable with no downtime like we experienced in the past. There’s just too many people wanting free hosting for it to be possible to provide.



It costs too much to keep projects online 24/7, it simply isn’t worth it for Glitch.


wot is tl;dr: lol is it a hosting place?

true tho ngl i guess you have to pay for everything in life

Nothing comes for free without some kind of catch. Find me something that does and I’ll give you a $100 (Ts And Cs Apply) that’s a joke BTW. Cause it’s a catch of the free money :joy: I’m so funny


To;dr mean too long didn’t read

Glitch is a pretty small company. So I think that in the near future 2022-2030 they may expand for more projects and 24/7 hosting. But for now, I’d use vultr as they are cheap and don’t charge by the hour. But, a host you could also use is a RB Pi. I am getting one soon to host my bots cause my cpu doesn’t have a great network card. (I had to buy Antennas for it.

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