Glitch in Bio 1.0!

Hello, Glitch forum! We’re pushing major changes to the Glitch in Bio starter, which you can find on Glitch and on GitHub.

:tada: V1.0.0

  • :arrow_up:Upgraded Vite from v2 → v4. This brings along many speed improvements, and Glitch in Bio wouldn’t be possible without the work that the Vite team and community have done.
  • :x: Removed vite-handlebars-glitch, our forked (and never updated) version of vite-plugin-handlebars. This package pegged Vite to v2, which made upgrading difficult.
  • :heavy_plus_sign: Added the lighterhtml package that uses the html`` template strings, allowing us to render everything in pure, unfiltered HTML. Everything is now a .js file, which should make editing the templates much easier for folks with limited web engineering knowledge.
  • :broom: General cleanup, including merging small templates (avatar, name, header) into single templates (header).
  • :blue_square: Added instructions for using your Glitch in Bio as your Bluesky handle
  • And just to recap since our initial release, our community has added avatars for many additional services and apps, including Arena, Bandcamp, Cohost, Keybase, Ko-Fi, Letterboxd, Pinboard, podcasts, Soundcloud, Stack Overflow, Tiktok, and Mastodon — including verification support for Mastodon :raised_hands:

These improvements helped us reduce build and reload time while keeping the configuration file, making the experience of editing a Glitch in Bio site faster and easier.

How to Upgrade

Start Fresh

Due to the number of changes, we recommend starting fresh and moving over the files that you’ve changed in your Glitch in Bio. Those include your settings.json and any CSS files you’ve modified or created.


practically what’s the recommended way to do that? start from a new remix and shuffle the project names around? or maybe copy and paste settings and css into local files, re-import (somehow) and paste settings back in?

I currently have a custom domain on my Glitch in Bio site - am I right in thinking that I cannot create a new remix and later rename it to match my existing app and continue to have the custom domain work?

I’m going to give this a go as a new app anyway - thank you for doing the work on this, I love Glitch in Bio and I’m glad to see it get some attention and refreshes.

Thanks for this cool project, but I don’t really understand this block in vite config

    optimizeDeps: {
      exclude: ['./settings.json']

wouldn’t that prevent edits in settings.json from refreshing the page…?

(by the way it works very well!

You should see in your console something like:

7:06:56 PM [vite] page reload settings.json

While you’re making changes to the settings.json file, and those should be loaded into the preview as you’re editing.

I’m going to double check, but it’s possible we might be able to remove this now, I removed it in a remix and it had the same behavoir. It might have been needed in an earlier version of vite, my notes on the commit are (I wish I had better memory on this change!)

Add `settings.json` to optimizeDeps.exclude so changes are immediately reflected in dev without a server restart
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You’re right, it didn’t change the behavior. Thanks!