Glitch-in-bio updates....?

I keep my Glitch in Bio site source stored on GitHub, and the dependabot alerts have been telling me about a vulnability in vite for a little while now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to update the vite version due to the Glitch-forked version of vite-handlebars requiring the backlevel 2.0.0 and the fix requiring 4.4.0 or better. The fork has not been updated since 2021 and GH Issues are not enabled on the repo or I would report this over there.

tl;dr there is at least one bit of infrastructure code that could do with being updated in Glitch in Bio!

Beyond that… the online world has changed a lot in the past couple of years… has anyone added support for icons / links to fediverse profiles like Pixelfed, PeerTube, Lemmy or indeed BlueSky, T2 or Threads? This is just me being lazy, as I know I could probably add them myself without too much work, but it might be nice to have them updated in the template app :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Andy!

So yeah we’ve been adding icons here and there but haven’t quite managed to be proactive about it… Re the handlebars plugin, I believe this was to address a quirk of how we render the vite site previews in Glitch but am not sure of the detail so have flagged to the team to discuss!

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Happy to test-drive any updates to Glitch in Bio that may be incubating!

Hiya :balloon:

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