Glitch is blocked at my school!

I like Glitch a lot for testing my applications, and sometimes messing with servers. However, most recently, my school has blocked domains!
I tried to get it changed via their website, but they won’t change it, sadly. Is there any way to get past it? (separate domain)
[The blocker is Lightspeed Relay]

look at the replies in School blocking

If the domain is known good you can file a request with your local IT department to get the unblocked, they’re just doing this because like glitch can be a really easy way for kids to set up stuff like web proxies, so instead of ineffectively blacklisting known bad they’re just blacklisting everything glitch and repl. The general logic of such a filter based on what I’ve been told is if has no category in the database, it goes up a domain and looks up the status of which I have heard is under the categroy security.proxy which is an ok explanation for why it is blocked. Oddly doesn’t fall under such a category even tho it is similar enough.

btw glitch staff, while we’re one the topic, I’ve heard is not blocked on this filter so editing is still possible, however you can’t see your own changes perhaps the glitch staff could add in the feature to set the preview iframe to one of the custom domains linked under the project instead as that domain may not necessarily be blocked (I’ve considered splitscreening but ngl this would be cleaner).

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If the domain is known good you can file a request with your local IT department to get it unblocked.

IT can’t control the filter manually, it’s up to Lightspeed. And as you said, it’s under security.proxy, my main issue.
I already sent them a request, but it wasn’t changed.

here’s some unblocker bookmarklets i made to unblock glitch:
CORS proxy (use this on site blocked webpage)

javascript:(function()%7Bvar proxy %3D ''%3Bvar link %3D prompt("Enter link")%3Bfetch(proxy%2Blink).then((response)%3D>response.text()).then((text)%3D>document.write(text))%3Bvar all %3D document.getElementsByTagName("*")%3Bfor (var i%3D0%2C max%3Dall.length%3B i < max%3B i%2B%2B) %7Bif(all%5Bi%5D.src) %7Ball%5Bi%5D.src %3D new URL(all%5Bi%5D.src%2C link).href%3Ball%5Bi%5D.src %3D proxy%2Ball%5Bi%5D.src%3B%7D%7Dwindow.onbeforeunload %3D function(e) %7Be.preventDefault()%3Balert(e.toString())%3B%7D%3Bfunction locationHashChanged(e) %7Be.preventDefault()%3Balert(e)%3Bwindow.location %3D new URL(e.oldURL%2C e.newURL).href%3B%7Dwindow.onhashchange %3D locationHashChanged%7D)()

And this adjusts sources (fixes image can’t display):

javascript:(function(){for (el of document.querySelectorAll("*[src]")) {el.src = "" + el.src;}})()

(^“a/b/c” => “”)

it’s a bit glitchy but works. (i have same problem too; glitch is blocked by my school)

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